How to Abduct a 7-Year-Old Boy

A look at the internet’s role in child kidnappings and trafficking.


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Max would get in the car and be gone.

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But there are still a number of concerns here, and this father is definitely not unique.

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Other tactics used in sextortion include[3]:

Grooming & Human Trafficking

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Graphic provided by Polaris

The Epstein/Maxwell Case

“Traffickers are known to target youth shelters, group homes, and foster care facilities as locations for recruitment of vulnerable children.”[8]

“I didn’t feel like anybody understood me.”

- Jane Doe #3, sex trafficking victim

The majority of traffickers now recruit children online through social networking apps and sites and use the information obtained through these methods to relate to, and build trust with, children more quickly.

How to Protect Your Kids

Warning Signs to Watch For

More information about the warning signs can be found on NCMEC’s website as well as the Polaris Project.

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Final thoughts


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